About Sors Global

We Are Sors Global. The VoiP Champions!

In our technologically, fast-paced world, everything changes increasingly fast.
SORS Global moves along at the same speed - always changing along so that the communication solutions for your business fits today's technological needs!

At SORS, we Aim for the Best as we keep our eyes on the target - and our target is to provide top of the line communication services.

We don't just rely on the fact that we have the cutting-edge technology or that we have in- house business and technology experts who understand your business and want to make you an industry champion - we put ourselves to the task of making it so! Our service goes beyond providing you a dial tone, we will work with you directly every step of the way on the path of champions.

We believe that in order to win more business, you have to think and act like a champion; team-up with our business and technology experts who understand the nature of your industry to work with you, and we're confident we can hit the bulls-eye!
We're just a Dial tone away to keeping you connected to your customers.

Why You Should Choose Sors Global:

  • 1
  • Fully Featured Hosted VoiP Solutions Professional PBX communication solutions for your company.
  • 2
  • Client Dashboard Manage your preference and features with our easy-to-use web portal.
  • 3
  • Customer Support Dedicated support team accessible by dialing SORS (7677) on your phone or by calling 855-444-SORS ext 2.
  • 4
  • Softphone Options Complete softphone enabling your computer, laptop or other device to become an extension of your SORS VoIP subscription.
  • 5
  • Latest Technologies Our system runs on the latest advancements in the VoiP technology field.
  • 6
  • Free Consultation Consult with our communication and business experts.
You take care of your business,We'll take care of your phone lines.