Industries we Serve

Industry-specific Solutions

In our years of servicing 100's of clients across a wide range of industries, we have helped our clients plan and launch communication solutions that are designed specifically for the industry they were working in.

We are excited to announce our solution-in-a-box offering for the unique industries listed below. These are solutions that were carefully planned and developed with each industry in mind. And we don't lock you down to anything, each of these can be customized to fit your own unique needs.

SORS Retail

VoIP cloned extensions which cannot be used for outgoing calls serve internal communication needs in the aisles.

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SORS Healthcare

With the SORS VoIP free-seating option, doctors and nurses can move around the facility and log into each room upon entering to get their calls routed to them.

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SORS Transportation

Mobile VoIP switches networks seamlessly for drivers and operators traveling across states, time zones, continents and countries.

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SORS Institutions

VoIP phone solutions are quickly and easily installed for different offices, conference rooms and departments either in one building, in a complex or different sites.

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SORS Non-profit

Faciliate incoming calls during peak campaign hours to all your agents by setting up a queue that rings to the next available agent. You can also remove the timeout option so callers never reach the voicemail and continue waiting on hold.

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SORS Online Business

Present your company with a professional phone system and gain the trust and confidence needed to succeed in the online world of commerce.

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SORS Warehouse

Communicate through the PA system with your warehouse staff from your office location even if it's located on the other side of the world. You can also call in from your cellphone and make an announcement.

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SORS Call Centers

With SORS, your representatives can instantly recognize the company to which an incoming call is intended for and answer with the correct company name and information.

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SORS Real Estate

Set your office up with "free-seating" and let multiple agents share the pool of desk phones by logging in and getting their calls routed to them when they come into the office.

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SORS Import / Export

Lower cost for international calls cater to businesses that do local and international calls on a daily basis.

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SORS Home-based

Switch between home phone to business phone features easily with auto attendant and call screening features.

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SORS Virtual Office

Soft phones for off-site personnel. Monitor staff productivity remotely and in real time.

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Contact us today to speak with a SORS VoIP champion representative and find out what system works best for your business and explore custom packages that will make your business a champion!
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