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  • Hosted PBX Solutions

    Professional PBX communication solutions for your company.

    Allows you to source away calls
  • Client Dashboard

    Manage your preference and features with our easy-to-use web portal.

    Enables customizations of features to fit your personal preferences or business needs.

    Diagnostic and quick repair tools monitor and improve your system's health, paired with a secure data center for critical dial back-up.

    An app enabling SORS VoIP features on your smartphone, is ideal for executives and other personnel who are always on the go.

    Dedicated 24/7/365 support team accessible by dialing SORS (7677) on your phone or by calling 855-444-SORS ext 2.

    Coming Soon!
    Record calls, generate business analytics and customized reports in real-time which allows you to adjust strategies on the fly.

    Complete softphone enabling your computer, laptop or other device to become an extension of your SORS VoIP subscription.
You take care of your business,We'll take care of your phone lines.